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Submitting tax returns



Two main tax returns to be submitted monthly are TSD (profit and social tax return) and KMD (VAT return). Also, if your company performs some kinds of transactions within the EU, some other reports are to be submitted: VD/VDP. All reports can be submitted digitally, if company representatives have means of access to e-Tax (ID card, mobile ID, e-Residency card). We can undertake the entire process and guarantee correct and prompt reporting.


Our work.
    •  Filling data and submitting both tax returns;
    •  Registering employees in the Employment register (if needed);
    •  Sending to you the submitted declarations (if needed);
    •  Informing on the tax amount to be paid and payment requisites;
    •  Providing general consulting on reporting issues.

Sometimes Tax Department sends requests for information about company activities and submitted reports. In this case we assist in evaluation of the situation and providing correct data to the Tax Department.


      1.  TSD and KMD returns are submitted on time;
      2.  All reports are composed correctly;
      3.  Risk of tax fines is totally excluded;
      4.  No long term tax debts;
      5.  You possess all actual information about tax returns.

It is very important to submit reports on time, since otherwise the Tax Department imposes fines for each violation (100 eur). Also the interest rate is implied, as well as the profit tax for a non-business expense. 


Order of actions.
      1.  Write to us about your situation briefly.
      2.  We analyze your data and develop the order of cooperation.
      3.  Confirmation of the project and we start to work.
      4.  We request from you all data on reporting (if applicable).
      5.  We submit reports and inform you monthly.
      6.  Dealing with additional requests from the Tax Department;

The term: up to 5 working days after cooperation is confirmed. Then we provide services on a monthly basis.

Additional Services:
    • Opening bank or payment account.
    • Annual service for Estonian company;
    • In-house lawyer service.
    • Company monthly accounting.
    • Annual report.
    • Submitting statistics reports.
    • Legal, tax and business consulting.
    • Submitting annual report in Estonia.