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Submitting annual report



Annual report of Estonian company is to be submitted to the Commercial register till the 30th June of the following year. We assist with preparation and submission of the annual report. For companies which use our annual service, we submit the annual report free of charge. In this case we ask for prepared accounting data: Statements of financial position and Statement of profit and loss. If there are no such documents, we assist in their preparation.

NB!!! In the year 2020 the last day for submitting annual reports was moved to 31. October, because of coronavirus.


Our work.
    •  Filling data and submitting the annual report;
    •  Composing financial statements;
    •  Managing access to the Commercial register (if needed);
    •  Sending to you the submitted annual report (if needed);
    •  Providing general consulting on reporting issues;
    •  Finding auditor and management of auditor review.

If one of your company board members has an Estonian personal code (including one for non-resident), it is possible to submit annual report only if you granted this right to us. In this case we provide you with the visual instruction on how to grant such right.


      1.  Annual report submitted correctly and on time;
      2.  Financial statements are composed upon your data;
      3.  You have the copy of the annual report (in Estonian or in English);
      4.  You possess all actual information about annual report.

In some cases, your annual report is subject for the obligatory audit or review. We provide you with legal and accounting assistance with preparation of all needed data and documents in a correct form. We can also help with finding an auditor in Estonia, if needed.


Order of actions.
      1.  Write to us about your situation briefly.
      2.  We analyze your data and provide you with possible options.
      3.  Confirmation of the project and we start to work.
      4.  We prepare financial statements upon your data.
      5.  We request the access to the Commercial register (if applicable).
      6.  We submit the annual report and inform you.

The term: depends on data scope and in which form it is presented to us. On a general case it takes about 10 working days. And if the audit is necessary, it can take 2-3 month. Anyway, we submit the annual report before the 30th of June.

Additional Services:
    • Full accounting service;
    • Annual service for Estonian company;
    • Assistance in opening bank or payment account;
    • Submitting TSD and KMD returns;
    • Submitting statistics reports;
    • Legal, tax- and business consulting;
    • Obtaining a license in Estonia.