Posted on Sunday December 11th, 2022 by Alex Dzhurynsky

Panthera Leo wins court case defending tenants against unscrupulous landlord

Panthera Leo wins a case in the Harju County Court of Estonia defending the rights of tenants against an unscrupulous landlord.

Briefly, the landlord terminated the lease agreement without due notice and refused to refund the security deposit and advance payment of rent. While the tenants were outside of the country, the landlord entered into a new tenancy agreement with another tenant. Thereafter, the landlord took over the apartment and demanded that the tenants remove their belongings from the apartment.

The Court held that the notice of lease agreement termination shall be done in a form reproducible in writing and contain the information specified by law. If the termination of an agreement does not comply with the statutory requirements, it is void, meaning that the landlord did not have the right to terminate the lease. Moreover, he was obliged to return the deposit and prepayment to the tenants.

Commenting on the victory, managing partner Ragnar Sepp said: “It was a long and tough process, and I am glad that we managed to restore justice. Anyone who has been the victim of similar infringements of their rights may ask the court to order the person responsible for the unlawful act to return their money. Our law firm would be happy to help you protect your rights.”