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Obtaining a license



Estonian legislation prescribes to companies with specific activity fields to apply for a license and requirements vary depending on the type of the license. Normally it includes such prescriptions as the type and size of working place, the qualification of employees, obligatory equipment, financial abilities, charter capital and other. Our company provides services of developing and submitting documentation, hiring employees, creating business infrastructure.


Our work.
    •  Reviewing your current situation and evaluating perspectives.
    •  Assistance with business model and structure.
    •  Assistance with hiring process.
    •  Assistance with preparation of documents.
    •  Assistance with license requirements compliance.

Our main task is to provide you with correct and qualified support, during the process of obtaining the license. Preparation of conditions to comply with license requirements is the part of your business process and we can undertake it in some parts only.


      1. License obtained. 
      2. Your company activity is in line with legal requirements.
      3.  You have all needed instructions and documents.
      4.  License translated, legalized and sent to you.

It is often needed to have an official document certifying that the license is obtained. We can provide translation and legalization of such document and then send it to your address via delivery service (UPS, DHL, TNT).


Order of actions.
      1.  Just write us about your project.
      2.  We analyze your company for compliance with licensing conditions.
      3.  On-line conference to discuss all the details.
      4.  We develop the plan of action.
      5.  You confirm of the project and we start to work.
      6.  After each stage is completed we inform you about the progress.
      7.  Submission of documents and license procedure support.
      8.  License obtained, we provide you with documents needed.

The term: depends on the type of the license and normally takes about 90 days. 

Additional Services:
    • Assistance in opening bank or payment account.
    • Full accounting for your company.
    • Annual service for Estonian company.
    • In-house lawyer service.
    • Submitting tax reports (TSD and KMD).
    • Tax, Business and Legal consulting.
    • AML officer and internal regulations.