Posted on Monday December 3rd, 2018 by Ragnar Sepp

Notary copy of principal’s passport

Notary Chamber of Estonia accepted new regulations for notary activity. Main development is that from now on it is necessary to present a notary copy of principal’s passport if a notary deal is to be conducted upon PoA.

So, if you gonna register a company upon a PoA given to your representarive and you are a non-resident of Estonia, your representative needs to have a notarised copy of your passport.

Before that it was enough to have a notary PoA only, which is translated into Estonian and legalized accordingly.

New rule was passed as a new anti money laundering measure. Though, as from the legal point of view it is not quite as stipulated by law. Besides that we really doubt that this demand is appropriate to announced goals.

Our company continues to observe this situation and will provide with updates if any.