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Life permit in Estonia



Life permit in Estonia is the document which provides you with the right to stay in Estonia during all the period of its validity. Main reasons to apply are: working as a top-specialist, working as a board member of Estonian company, working in a start-up project company. We assist with all possible cases and our work is to guarantee high chances of obtaining the life permit.


Our work.
    •  Reviewing your current situation and developing recommendations;
    •  Assisting with supervision and preparation of documents;
    •  Providing ongoing consultations on key points;
    •  Dealing with requests from the Police Department;
    •  Legal support after life permit is obtained.

Our main work is assisting with obtaining the life permit, and we cannot create the legal ground for you, if you do not fulfill with legal requirements. In any way we support you from the very beginning of the life permit obtaining process.


      1.  You have the legal ground to apply for the life permit;
      2.  Your interests are protected on each stage;
      3.  You have the life permit obtained;
      4.  You have all instructions on how to deal with life permit.

It is very important, that before starting the whole process, you have a clear understanding of why you need the life permit in the first place. It is possible that you might use a working visa category “D” instead.


Order of actions.
      1.  Just write us about your case.
      2.  We analyze your situation and provide options.
      3.  On-line conference to discuss all the details (if needed).
      4.  You confirm the cooperation and we start to work.
      5.  You prepare documents with our assistance.
      6.  All requirements are met, we submit documents to PPA.
      7. We assist with additional requests from the PPA (if applicable).
      8. Life permit is obtained, you receive the document in embassy.

The term: depends on the situation. Upon our experience, the whole process may last from half a year and more. 

Additional Services:
    • Annual service for Estonian company;
    • Full accounting for your company;
    • In-house lawyer service;
    • Assistance in opening bank or payment account;
    • Submitting tax reports (TSD and KMD);
    • Legal, tax- and business consulting;
    • Office rental contract in Tallinn, Estonia (in English).