Posted on Thursday January 24th, 2019 by Ragnar Sepp

Life permit in Estonia for board member

More and more people apply for the resident permit in Estonia. For such applying some legal ground is to be established. In this article we talk about applying for the resident permit as a board member of Estonian company.

This is considerably affordable option to apply for the resident permit in Estonia. What is the most important to know about this option.

Your company is to be registered at least 5 month and it should provide activities for at least 4 month prior to submiting documents.

Salary to be paid to the board member in amount which is at least the same as the average salary (brutto) in Estonia.

Weak point is that this option is prior to immigration quota which is about 1’300 person per year. Thus denial is more likely to be since the quota is exeeded, not because of insufficient documents.

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