Posted on Thursday December 13th, 2018 by Ragnar Sepp

Legal Services and Common Sence

It is often said that the main idea of legal services is to find tiny gap in legislation to the gain of a client. This is a widely accepted stereotype, although mainly it is not the case.

The biggest value of legal services is in actual and correct information a client gets from a legal assistant. As well as a possibility to act over its present abilities. In other words, good legal assistant provides new options to its client becouse of his knowledges and practical experience.

Sometimes a person may face a situation when something went not as expected and it is not a fault of this person at all. We can say that situation is not quite fair in respect to the person and in some way impairs rights or interests. And the only reason why this person does not consider possibility to protect its rights and interests he does not feel itself able to manage it till the end. So he thinks that he spend time, energy and resources, but does not know if it pays back or not.

Or another story, when an entrepreneur intends to organize something in some way and does not know that there are also other options which may fit better. Or otherwise that some sort of activity may demand prior permit and acting without license will be a break of a law. With all the consequences.

We should admit that there are plenty of legal situations when you can act totaly on your own without any legal assistance. This is also an option to consider. Yes maybe you will make some funny mistakes and spend more time and money to get the result. But still it is a good way to go, especially if you possess some practical experience in this field. In other words you do not know the law, but you know how it works.

Otherwise, even possessing some knowledges about your subject you might better go and ask for a legal support. Just since you value you own time much higher and you really want to concentrate on some other issues of your business rather than doing some legal paperwork or having joyfull intercourse with state bodies and authorities.

And in this moment we come to a question of a fair price for legal services. Sometimes the same job will reflect completely different numbers in invoice. Why is it so? And why legal aid is so expensive sometimes. To answer this questions we should first understand what it the real value of legal services and what lawyers normally get paid for.

First of all, legal services it is not just reading books and telling other people about their content. It is knowledge of every tiny detail of the law and practical experience of how it actually works. Thus the more detailed is this knowledge and the more wider is this practical experience – the higher will be the final price. Second, for a client it is often a gain/loss ratio – the more he gets the more he is ready to pay for legal services. And third, noone can deny that prestige has its own value.

We ask for company registration slightly above one thousand euro and we have a special proposal for e-Residents. Someone asks two-three times more. And there are definitely companies who will not register a company less than for ten thousand – and they have clients which actually pay this price. And this is not since someone is a good guy and someone is a greedy shark. It always depends on a clients, their actual interests and background.

In our company we have a mission to provide legal services for a reasonable price to people which value their time and put longterm cooperation over momentary gain.