Posted on Wednesday April 4th, 2018 by Ragnar Sepp

Immigration limit for 2018 is fulfilled

The 2018 annual immigration limit fills with the residence permit applications already lodged. The PPA advises to companies to use visa applications or registration of short-term employment when involving foreign specialists.

For the year 2018 annual immigration limit is 1315 people. In April, 734 residence permits were issued for third non-residents. There are 678 applications in the procedure, which means it already goes over the limit.

According to The Police and Border Guard Board representative Liis Valgu, the applications for residence permits already forwarded to the police are more than the prescribed limit.

“Unfortunately, we need to respond negatively to some applicants for a residence permit with regard to the immigration limit, and we can recommend that short-term work be registered as a solution. It gives people the opportunity to work in Estonia for nine months,” explained Liis Valgu.

For the year 2017, the immigration limit was fulfilled in July. For 2016 the quota was fulfilled in December.