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  • Changes in practice of state supervision over crypto business - The Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) recently changed its supervision practice when issuing crypto licenses or changing data regarding such licenses. Almost any change in the data of the company or persons associated with the company (board member, contact person, procurator, owner) entails additional verification measures. The FIU has the right to inspect the company's… Continue Reading
  • IT Business Is in Jeopardy - The question of "substance" (a set of criteria for confirming the presence of a company in a jurisdiction and reality of a business) is becoming more and more relevant. Now, the need for substance is especially acute if there are foreign companies in the corporate structure of a business. Many IT companies use the following… Continue Reading
  • Crypto licenses and impeccable reputation: changing practices - Recently, the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) changed its administrative practice when issuing crypto licenses or changing the data of companies that are already licensed. Among other things, features of impeccable business reputation are specified, which have to be followed during the operation of a company. Indicating common features (such as the absence of tax… Continue Reading