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Estonian company accounting



Each company and business entity is responsible to keep its accounting in order. And it is important to follow the accounting order which is applicable in the country of the company residency. We provide accounting services according to Estonian standard of financial reporting (EFAS) and Instructions of accounting comission (RTJ).


Our work.
    •  Analyzing your situation and developing order of cooperation; 
    •  Initial data input to the accounting program;
    •  Development of the Chart of accounts (COA);
    •  Monthly accounting and managing accounting source documents;
    •  Annual report preparation and submitting;
    •  Consulting on accounting issues.


      1.  Initial and monthly accounting provided;
      2.  Managing and keeping accounting source documents;
      3.  Preparation of financial statements;
      4.  Annual report is submitted to the Commercial register in time;
      5.  You have a clear understanding of company activities.


Order of actions.
      1.  Just write to us about your situation briefly.
      2.  We analyze your data and develop the order of cooperation.
      3.  Confirmation of the project and we start to work.
      4.  We request from you all data on previous accounting.
      5.  We provide accounting services monthly (upon your data).

The term: up to 5 working days after we receive the initial data. Then we provide services on a monthly basis.

Additional Services:
    • In-house lawyer service;
    • Assistance in opening bank or payment account;
    • Application for VAT-number;
    • Submitting statistics reports;
    • Legal, tax- and business consulting;
    • Office rental contract in Tallinn, Estonia (in English);
    • Obtaining a license in Estonia.