Last modified Friday August 14th, 2020 by Ragnar Sepp

Business consulting in Estonia



The idea of business consulting is to provide you with the valuable and actual information about organizing business processes in Estonia, depending on your activity field. We can evaluate your budget, provide options and solutions for complicated situations, assist you with networking issues, provide you with important contacts, share practical information and more. 


Our work.
    •  Studying your case;
    •  Investigating Estonian market (industry);
    •  Providing you with possible solutions;
    •  Providing you with information and instructions;
    •  Representing your company interests;
    •  Making official requests.

We also assist with composing the business plan, making corporate structure, creating business model. 


      1.  You have the clearest understanding of situation and perspectives;
      2.  You have a list of actual solutions to your case;
      3.  You avoid the risks of losing money, energy and time;
      4.  You have your business organized.

We help to set achievable goal and evaluate perspectives correctly.


Order of actions.
      1.  Write us on your case briefly.
      2.  We evaluate the case and provide you with cooperation order.
      3.  We have an on-line conference to discuss all the details.
      4.  You confirm of the project and we start to work.
      5.  We provide you with solutions and information requested.
      6.  We perform actions as agreed to the project.

The term: depends on how big and complicated is the project. We set the exact timelines during confirmation of cooperation. Also check our tax consulting and legal consulting.

Additional Services:
    • Assistance in opening bank or payment account.
    • Full accounting for your company.
    • Annual service for Estonian company.
    • In-house lawyer service.
    • Submitting tax reports (TSD and KMD).
    • Tax- and Legal consulting.
    • Applying for a license.