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Annual Services



In most cases the non-resident beneficiary of the Estonian company does not spend much time in Estonia by itself. So there will be a need for assistance in legislation enforcement as well as a support to deal with possible legal issues. The main point of annual services is to provide your company with essential infrastructure and primary legal services. 


We provide.
    •  Legal address, contact data and secretary services;
    • Office rental contract in Tallinn (English);
    •  Virtual office service;
    •  Postal services (expenses not included);
    •  Company representative – procurist (if needed);
    •  Contact person – Estonian resident;
    •  Submitting an annual report (upon your data);
    •  General legal consulting.

It works as a one year subscription and needs to be renewed on the annual basis.


      1.  The company meets all legal requirements. 
      2.  Correspondence is being proceeded on time.
      3.  Annual report controlled and submitted.
      4.  Solid primary legal support provided.
      5.  Permanent representative in Estonia.
      6.  All risks and requests are managed in time.

The total value of annual service depends on the company business activity and turnover. The more extensive activity the company provides, the more necessary is the annual support. Some issues happen all the time – and it is always good to have a partner providing actual and suitable legal assistance.

Order of actions.
      1.  Contact us if you have a need for annuals services or want to extend your activity.
      2.  We develop the configuration which suits the best your needs.
      3.  Confirmation of the cooperation and applying changes to Commercial register.
      4.  Annual services are activated.

The term: depends on configuration of annual services and normally takes up to 10 working days.

Additional Services.
    •  Assistance in opening bank or payment account;
    •  In-house lawyer service;
    •  Company monthly accounting;
    •  Application for VAT-number;
    •  Submitting tax reports: TSD and KMD;
    •  Statistics reports;
    •  Company legal documents package;
    •  Legal, tax and business consulting.