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AML officer and regulations



According to the Estonian legislation to obtain a license for activities which involve risks of money laundery, there should be a contact person  appointed (commonly known as AML officer) and inner regulations composed. We assist on both questions: hiring (appointing) and instructing compenent AML officer as well as composing inner regulations according to specifics of your company activity.


Our work.
    •  Reviewing your current situation and developing options;
    •  Hiring the AML officer with certain qualification;
    •  Training the AML officer to perform its duties;
    •  Providing service of authorized contact person (upon request);
    •  Developing inner regulations and supporting documents;
    •  Supervising all legally significant documents.

The board member can also perform duties of the contact person, in this case we can provide special training and develop working instructions. Also, together with developing inner regulations, we supervise all other documents needed to perform activities according to law.


      1.  Your company activity is in line with legal requirements;
      2.  AML officer hired, trained and performs its duties;
      3.  Inner regulations developed;
      4.  All documents are correct and in line with the law.

We perform our services according to your request. Besides that, we analyze company activity and situation and provide you with vital information about possible options or weak points.


Order of actions.
      1.  Just write us about your situation.
      2.  We analyze your company for compliance with licensing conditions.
      3.  On-line conference to discuss all the details (if needed).
      4.  You confirm the cooperation and we start to work.
      5.  After each stage is completed we inform you about the progress.
      6.  All requirements are met, we provide a final set of documents.

The term: upon our experience, the whole process may take up to 30 days. 

Additional Services:
    • Assistance in opening bank or payment account.
    • Full accounting for your company.
    • Annual service for Estonian company.
    • In-house lawyer service.
    • Submitting tax reports (TSD and KMD).
    • Tax, Business and Legal consulting.
    • Applying for a license.