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Estonian company liquidation



Liquidation of a company in Estonia takes place by deleting the company from the Commercial Register. We undertake all the actions required by law to complete the liquidation procedure as quickly as possible.


Our work.
    •  Analyzing your situation and developing a legally correct plan; 
    •  Preparation of the liquidation documents;
    •  Preparation of the final financial statement (upon your data);
    •  Notary deal (if needed);
    •  Submitting the application to the Commercial Register;
    •  Publishing the announcement in Official Reporter (Ametlikud Teadaanded);
    •  General legal consulting about your case.


      1.  Company is deleted from the Commercial register;
      2.  All liquidation expenses covered.


Order of actions.
      1.  Just write to us about your situation briefly.
      2.  We analyze your data and propose options.
      3.  Confirmation of the project and we start to work.
      4.  We perform all necessary liquidation procedures.
      5.  Liquidation is completed – we provide you with instructions.

The term: about 6 – 8 months.

Additional Services:
    • New company registration.
    • Ready company for sale.
    • In-house lawyer service.
    • Assistance in the opening bank or payment account.
    • Company monthly accounting.
    • Legal, tax- and business consulting.